Trading volume supports price stability

[Update] The Coinmarketcap Effect

May 24th, 2019, will live long in Elitium folklore.

While hosting our inaugural members’ event in Monaco, the Elitium team received a message:

“Congratulations! EUM is now live on Coinmarketcap.”

In many ways, you could view that short sentence as nothing more than a simple vote of confidence. A little recognition after two-and-a-half years’ hard graft for both the team and, more importantly, you; our community.

Yet just 3 weeks on, we’re already starting to see the real impact of Elitium’s presence on one of the most identifiable names in crypto.

Truth be told, Coinmarketcap has had a profound effect on EUM.

— And what we’re about to describe is well worth your attention.

Increased Volume. Price Stability.

Healthy trading is key to price stability. May’s CMC listing has helped EUM establish a steadily improving 24-hour trading volume, signaling a growing interest in Elitium as more investors buy into the coin.

Better still, as we continue to announce progress, we’re witnessing regular trading spikes. In fact, these last 7 days have seen a steady rise in trades, and have helped stabilize the EUM price as well.

So while early June proved tough — with frequent price drops to below $1 — as we approach the second half of 2019, EUM is sitting comfortably above the one-dollar threshold.

— Trending upwards all the time towards an all-time high of $1.22 since listing on CMC three weeks ago.

Now, where to next….?

Well, incoming updates are sure to whet the appetites of investors hungry for a slice of luxury living.

New Product Launches

As with any early-stage company, the roadmap can evolve.

Elitium’s aim remains to offer value to the community. So, we’ve shifted the immediate focus to allow us to deliver our first product in the next few days.

We are testing and tweaking it as we speak: it’s Elitium Staking.

The Elitium staking program forms one part of a comprehensive Investor Dashboard that will give members a single point of access to manage all your Elitium interests — ranging from staking to referrals; to coin swaps and trades.

The Elitium Investor Dashboard

For a quick overview of each section, see below.

Elitium Staking

The Elitium staking program creates a simple way for you to grow your EUM balance using a separate staking coin, EUMS. All you’ll need to do is download the secure staking wallet to your personal device, stake your coins, and earn up to 6.5% in EUMS rewards.

Member Referrals

Elitium is offering an attractive incentive for members to “Refer & Earn.” Every dashboard includes a unique referral code so that you can invite friends, family, and loved ones to join your world of luxury — and you’ll earn a kickback for doing so.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, a YouTube Vlogger, or just a self-professed socialite….

Why not become an Elitium ambassador as well and start generating a passive income? Better still… why not combine referrals and staking to double-down on your rewards?!

Coin Swaps

Finally, we’re introducing a dedicated coin swap system that allows our members to exchange any one of 60 separate cryptos into EUM. Why?

  • So you can trade on exchanges;
  • Switch the additional EUM to EUMS to stake for 6.5% rewards;
  • Or, simply build your balance as you await the launch of our luxury lifestyle app.

Speaking of which….

Luxury Lifestyle App

As we work to put our first products live, we keep toiling in the background to deliver the ultimate vision — the Elitium Lifestyle App.

The app is our priority; but naturally, it takes time to build the kind of industry-defining experience as showcased below.

Demo of the Elitium Lifestyle App

We’ve set out the vision. We’ve worked up the prototype.

And we recently brought 3 specialist developers onboard to execute the dApp itself — now, we’re gearing up to float a raft of luxury-lifestyle-enabling features on both iOS and Android.

We’re creating something that’s never been done before, so it took time to find the right team to develop it… but now we have, we’re hurtling towards our destination, all guns blazing.

While everything that’s come before — including Coinmarketcap and the staking program — is contributing to the underlying security of our ecosystem as we establish a robust foundation.

With the key aspects in place, it’s time to push on.

So What Next?

Expect a roadmap to shed light on the precise details very soon, but from today onwards, you’ll start to hear us telling the world what we’re really about.

We’re currently onboarding a cohort of marketing and growth specialists.

And the fresh burst of energy will ensure we execute our scaling plan over the next 6 months, with a focus on:

  • EUM Use Cases: Expect to see a yacht for sale on the blockchain any day now, available through one platform only;
  • Influencers: Look forward to an interview with a world-famous YouTuber in which we’ll reveal another Elitium exclusive;
  • Exchange Listings: We have an exchange up our sleeve we know you’ll love — the listing is confirmed, news pending.

These are the headlines, but the truth is, the details run much deeper.

We’re in the midst of planning our next luxury event. We’re extending our coin’s utility every day. And we’re growing trading volumes on exchanges — all-the-while supporting the price stability of EUM.

Stay tuned, it’s time to grow together!

Join us on Telegram to stay up-to-date — staking is coming soon, you don’t want to miss out.



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