3 min readSep 28, 2021

Let the physical and digital art worlds combine.

In June 2021, the art world found a new dimension.

A pioneering exhibition arrived in Miami to host the world’s first physical NFT gallery. What was the underlying ambition? There were two aspects.

Firstly, the event wanted to showcase how physical and digital artworks hold equal weight in the modern world. And secondly, it sought to use blockchain to bridge the gap between tradition and technology.

The event was christened NFT BAZL.

And it’s become so much more than a single show, with exhibitions planned worldwide over the next few months.

NFT BAZL: From Miami to Dubai — And Beyond

The inaugural NFT BAZL breathed new life into an antiquated art market.

Over twenty artists descended on The Temple House in Miami to exhibit physical and digital masterpieces side-by-side, welcoming collectors to an exhibition where they could bid on their favorite piece by scanning a QR code.

In fact, this was the first time in history that a collector or investor could buy an NFT during a live event via credit card, bank transfer, or crypto payment.

NFT BAZL saw some of the world’s most famous names showcase over 100 pieces, with the artists including Punk Me Tender, Fidia, Hijack, Alessandra Maskita, Rasmus Benjamin, Transparent, Daniel Mazzone, Paul Rousso, and Super Buddha.

But the Miami event is just the start of a much bigger artistic movement.

The event proved how art enthusiasts want to invest in a new asset known as ‘NFT artworks.’ Which is why co-hosts Elitium and GDA Capital have set their sights on an October show during Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 at the JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai.

During this event, artists and collectors will continue to push boundaries within a progressive space. And creatives, investors, and crypto enthusiasts will unite to highlight once again how tradition and NFT technology can merge to great effect.

With NFTs revolutionizing the global art market, NFT BAZL will continue to play its part, educating the industry about the potential that NFTs hold.

How NFT BAZL aligns with Elitium’s strategy

Elitium helps investors access digital assets via a trusted, compliant, and secure wealth management platform.

The company focuses on ease-of-use and low barriers to entry, helping lead the blockchain and cryptocurrency towards mass adoption. With NFTs already bringing millions of new users into the space, Elitium is using its platform to extend its reach.

Boosted by newly-appointed NFT BAZL CEO Estelle Ohayon, the event is bringing together an eclectic group of renowned industry personalities, sourcing off-market pieces directly from collectors to ensure NFT BAZL continues to demonstrate what’s possible.

Meanwhile, NFT BAZL co-hosts GDA Capital is leveraging its expertise in both blockchain and capital markets to assemble the missing pieces that will bring institutional capital into the world of blockchain.

NFT BAZL will doubtlessly help to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds. In doing so, it will ensure Elitium’s clients will always be able to invest in the most compelling digital assets on the market.




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